Canadians receive letters with suspect white powder and Bitcoin request

Letters have life threats and require recipients to send funds in Bitcoin, otherwise they and / or their families would suffer damage possibly by poisoning with the substance in the letter.

Apparently a new wave of blows with cryptomorphs has begun to appear in the world. This time in Canada, with residents of several cities receiving threatening letters in the mail accompanied by a mysterious white powder.

Toronto police issued an alert in the country after several people reported receiving the letter with the suspicious powder and a request for bitcoins.

„Inside the envelope, a letter is accompanied by a bag containing a white powder that is said to be fentanyl,“ the letter instructs the person to deposit Bitcoin Future in exchange for the well-being of his family.

Fentanyl is a morphine-like substance, but 100 times stronger, usually used to treat patients with intense pain, especially after surgery. The synthetic substance is sold illegally as a powder, and some dealers mix it with other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA. Fentanyl can cause sedation, unconsciousness, drowsiness and even lead to death by overdose.

In other words, receiving the powder at home can mean a great threat to the whole family.

The Canadian police said, however, that after an initial analysis the powder appears to be just confectioner’s sugar.

Residents were warned that this was an attempt at extortion and were instructed not to send any Bitcoin to the scammers.

The people who received the letters did not know what the powder was, they were terrorized and forced to deposit Bitcoin „in exchange for the well-being of the family,“ said the Toronto police.

Last week, as published by Livecoins, a Russian businessman also suffered terrorism threats where the scammers asked Bitcoin not to „blow up his store. In other words, there is a new wave of coups emerging that is focused on blackmail and virtual terrorism.

Extortion involving Bitcoin is not something new, since the advent of digital coins the „cyber bums“ are creating new techniques to steal money from people. The most common being ransomware, a virus that takes control of the computer and asks for Bitcoin’s ransom, and sextortion, a fraud where the scammer claims to have recorded the person on the computer at an „intimate“ moment and asks Bitcoin not to leak the supposed video.

Extortion with terrorism and Bitcoin scam

In the case of the most recent terrorism, the tactic works like this: A scammer threatens the life of the victim, or his family, and asks that a sum of Bitcoin be paid so that they do not commit the crimes.

The Canadian police now investigate the coup and have alerted the entire population to anyone who receives the letter not to handle it and ask for help as soon as possible.

„Our investigators are appealing to the public who are receiving these packages and letters to try, as much as possible, not to handle these letters, take them out, take some kind of trash can or lid and put everything on top of the letter to protect it from the elements and notify the police immediately.