Profit Builder Review: Reliable Bitcoin Robot or Not?

According to its website, Profit Builder allows you to make huge profits only if you use it to buy crypto-currency. But what guarantee do we have that Profit Builder isn’t just another online scam? We will allow you to make your own Profit Builder opinion to determine if it is a reliable bot, or not.

Profit Builder Review, Reliable Crypto Bot?

In our opinion Profit Builder, although it has an interesting crypto-currency offering, is not a reliable or recommendable bot. We will test the pros and cons in the following lines.

Supporting several crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, the Profit Builder bot offers trading of leading crypto assets.

This makes the offer interesting especially since it is possible to start with a minimum deposit of $250 and be able to earn up to $800 at the live trading session. According to their website, Profit Builder is the best approach to making money these days with automated systems in the crypto market.

Unfortunately, the platform, although supposedly designed by trading specialists, does not provide enough information to guarantee its reliability. However, users of Profit Builder have reportedly generated thousands of euros in profits thanks to the bot, according to several testimonies. The automated trading robot has even won awards from the US Trading Association, according to their own testimonies.

Profit Builder does have some good points such as trading crypto-currencies, currencies and indices as well as the possibility to open a demo account. However, like the Bitcoin Trader software, we would have liked to see more guarantees from Profit Builder.

Why we don’t recommend Profit Builder?

Like many automated crypto-currency trading platforms, Profit Builder has several drawbacks that make it impossible for us to recommend:

Unavailability of a Mobile Application
In the age of mobility, it is unfortunate that Profit Builder does not offer a mobile application to its users as do many of its competitors, most notably Bitcoin Trader.

Indeed, as many traders spend most of their time investing from their smartphones, a mobile application would have been very welcome. Especially since it is generally more navigable than a website.