The head of MicroStrategy named the purchase price of bitcoin as a personal investment

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, says he personally owns 17,732 BTCs (over $231 million at current prices).

In his October 28th tweet, Saylor said he bought bitcoins at an average cost of $9882, which means he has invested more than $175 million in cryptographic software. At the current bitcoin price, Saylor’s profit is around $56 million.

He added that MicroStrategy was aware of his personal investment in bitcoin even before the company decided to allocate its reserves to BTC (MicroStrategy acquired 38,250 BTC).

Saylor said last week that MicroStrategy will be storing bitcoins for the next hundred years. He was previously a bitcoin sceptic and ‚buried‘ the bitcoins in 2013, but in a recent interview he admitted he was wrong. „I wish I knew what I know now then,“ he said.